**We require 7 days notice for custom buttercream cakes. Custom fondant cakes require at least 2 weeks notice. We will do our best to accommodate shorter notice but some restrictions may apply**


Designs & Flavours

Due to the incredible number of shapes and sizes available an entire price list is unavailable online. However here is a short list of the most popular sizes and their basic starting price* (see below for what is included in the basic price).

CakeServingsBASIC Starting Price
8" round 8-10 $25 and up (Many other sizes of round cakes are available. Please contact us for pricing.)
7x11 15 $40 and up
9x13 25 $50 and up
11x15 40 $60 and up
12x18 50 $70 and up
15x22 80 $110 and up
16x24 100 $140 and up (Larger sizes available. Please contact us for pricing.)
Character cakes $75 and up (Pricing my vary)

What is included in the basic starting price?

'Roses', 'Balloons and Streamers', 'Drawn on Daisies', or 'Basic Scrollwork' are included in the basic starting price. Any design other than the four previously mentioned will most likely affect the price of your cake. And as always, all cake prices include a customized message.

What about custom edible images?

 Please add $10 to the basic price of your cake if you choose to add a custom edible photo.  Depending on the decoration going around your image, there may be an additional charge on top of the $10.  

What about fillings?

 An extra charge does apply if you would like to add a vanilla pastry cream filling, chocolate fudge filling, caramel filling, raspberry filling, cream cheese icing filling, coconut filling or cherry filling to your cake. Ask us for details. 

*Prices subject to change without notice.


Cancellation Policy:
Cancelled cakes are subject to a $10 cancellation fee. If your cake is cancelled with less than 7 days a larger cancellation fee may apply.