Sweet Stitches

In our Sweet Stitches workshop, we will be using a buttercream piping only approach to create beautiful and stunning embroidery designs!

Just a gentle reminder: Like all our workshops, this is a skill that requires patience! You may have some "nailed-it" moments during our workshop, but the most important part is that you are here for fun and inspiration! My absolute favourite thing about these workshops is that I get to create a space where you get to surprise yourself. :)

What's included in this workshop?

  • A 6-inch wide by 4-inch high cake of your choice (chocolate, vanilla, or marble) 
  • A choice of filling: Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream or Lemon

 All Tools, Icing and cake supplied! You get to keep the Cake!

4pm to 7pm

  • $125.00